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If you want to be harassed, bullied, threatened, then THIS is the DUMP for you!! This company is the ABSOLUTE WORST in the world.

Do NOT use this company. Save yourself the worry, the trouble, the heartache this finance com is NOT the one you want to use. I made a payment over the phone, but they went ahead and took a payment out of my checking account, after they assured me, they would NOT. Well, that was a BIG lie, and they did take out a double payment, which of course I did NOT have the money to make a double payment.

They are liars, thugs, crooks. DO NOT USE THIS FINANCE COMPANY!!!!!

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So if a double payment was taken and you knew you didn't have the money that was something done on your end. Don't blame someone else for your mistakes.

Most companies can't take the payment unless you authorize it on recording or on your own thru your bank or website payment which is something you control. Take responsibility and stop complaining.

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