This is the worst customer service I have ever delt with in my entire life. I had an auto loan from them and traded in the vehicle a year later.

The dealership promptly paid the loan off but TD Auto claimed they never did. I even sent TD PROOF that it was paid off and funds had been given, they STILL would not believe me. I had at least 4 or 5 customer service agents hang up on me when I started to argue. They spoke to me like I hadn't paid my bill!

I always paid on time! ALWAYS!!

THEY SUCK!! Someone needs to fire their entire customer service dept.

Review about: Td Auto Finance Loan.

Monetary Loss: $44.

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this company is a scam...they also are involved with branch 1100. this is the scam safesteptubs.

be careful. they show the pat boone commercial and promise safety and independance to those in need and they install nothing like what was promised.

watch our for ralph sivertson so called safety expert....and C.O.O. mathhew boulton this company is HUGE scam..message if you want more info to lovesherlife@me.com


I co-signed a loan for my son's 2006 Dodge Ram with Chrysler Financial - no problems with them until TD took over. In January, 2012, my daughter-in-law changed jobs and they missed one payment. TD Auto Finance began calling me mid-January several times a day, 7 days a week. I explained the situation to several different people - each call is by a different person and usually from different phone numbers as well. I repeatedly gave them both my son and daughter-in-law's names and phone numbers but they continue to hound only me, despite the fact that my son's information is on the account as well.

The account has been current since March and is auto-drafted from their checking account but TD Auto Finance continues to call me several times a day, 7 days a week. Fortunately, the only number they have for me is my direct office line which I screen. I haven't answered one of their calls in months, the payments are all on time and still they continue to call. I recently took a week's vacation and returned to 27 voice mails - ALL from TD Auto Finance!

Fortunately this loan will be paid off in December, 2012 so we're just trying to ride it out. If you want a Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep vehicle arrange for your own financing. This company is worse than a joke!


What type of proof did you send? I work at TDAF so maybe I can help you out.

Sorry you had a bad experience. Some of the reps can be jerks but not all of us are.

to AnonEmployee Hudson Bend, Texas, United States #696896

I have a question for u if I have a payment sue on the 14th and called to pay half and paythe other half say 8 days later but has never been late how dies that work

to Me Brossard, Quebec, Canada #756518

First please check your message before you send it, looks like a 5 year old wrote that message. second TDAF is actually the most flexible when it comes to payment arrangements give them a call 2 business days before your due date, let them know you need to delay or split a payment, they will be able to split it on the dates you request (considering your account is not already over 30 days late) they can also offer deferral payments, meaning they could place one months worth of payments at the end of your contract, keeping your account and credit in good standings.

In order to be admissible you must have at least completed 6 months of pmts. As far as a former employee I could burn the place down for how they treat the staff, but as far as a consumer I worked for the competition and TDAF is hands down better, and much more flexible.

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