Due to family illness, we fell 2 months behind in payments. We kept them informed and told them the date we would pay a payment that would equal 1 and 1/2 paymnets. Then we would do the same until it was caught up. Even though they told us verbally over the phone it was OK, we got a letter saying they were repossessing the vehicle. We paid the promised payment and a half, and got another intent to repossess. When we call them they say that the vehicle is not up to be repossessed. Who to believe?

It is our opinion that if you are close to paying off your vehicle, they will look for any way they can to repossess it. We are four payments away from paying off the vehicle.

I would NEVER deal with these people. They are so rude over the phone, you are told one thing and a letter will tell you something else. My wife is driving me to work now, and I get a ride home, while we have the vehicle stored until paid off. This company is horrible. DO NOT TRUST THEM.

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Trust? "Trust" coming from you?

Hilarious! It was YOU who made a PROMISE to make each and every payment on time when YOU signed the contract. It is YOU who failed to do that showing just what YOUR level of honesty is.

And you come here in typical deadbeat fashion wailing about trust! Another sorry example of deadbeat mentality and no, I don't work for them!


They did the same to me . My husband passed away and my auto was paid off.

I did an in and out at the dealership and they cut me a check back showing a payoff on my vehicle. I made 9 ontime auto draft payments and then someone stole money from my checking and I kept them informed. The Thursday before I told them I would pay. A repo guy came to the door.

I told him what occurred and he agreed to wait till day of payment He was off wk and the repo company sent someone else out. They relied the exact day I was paying. Not only.this but I literally just went to get the cash . Walked in my house , the cash, my computer and other things in vehicle with all my keys to other auto , house and business was in the auto.

The repo guy who came by the first time , I called and he literally went and got.my keys out and said they pit the cash in the safe for $4900. And brought my keys to my home . I did all they said. Paid $2500.

And storage fees from weekend because they were not.open. but still charging me storage. Finally Tues I get my vehicle and when arrived , my vehicle wouldn't start. Was torn apart inside leather ripped .

Computer stolen amd my money was gone from safe. I immediately filed the claim with mgr at repo lot and one month later , the claim adjuster got bk with me. Of course with 4900 gone. I had to borrow funds.

The only funds I had were from my probate fund acct with atty. He got.mad , dropped my case and another case I had pending. Then my bondsman dropped me cuz I didn't have an atty. I went to jail , had to bond and td auto finance said my car was not in repo status becus there repo facility stoke my money but they said they were not responsible for whatever they did to my auto.

The company ignored me and wouldn't give bk my funds and I called for 3months and sent letters with them stalling and kept adding things for me to do and then would day they did not receive. Td auto finance had another repo company come to my home. I was in my auto , half way in garage , when a wrecker hook my truck and pulled me inside the vehicle from my garage . I began yelling stop and he said if I didn't get out he was dragging me in it .

I called police and they ruined my garage door . Then td auto finance said I couldn't redeem my auto and sold it for $6000 and I ask to pay off and they said I could not and billed me for a balance over 10,000 , which dont have statement here but alot.more and I lost my expedition limited and never got bk the money stolen or my computer with all my works accounts and lost all my customer data and ruined my company , this also caused my other truck to repo for non pymnt from losing funds


In Certain states auto finance companies have to send a "cure" letter (the intent to repossess) that telling you if you don't pay they will repo the unit. During that time until the day after the cure expires they can't repo your unit due to state law. If you don't pay the require payments in the cure letter the finance company will start the repo proess.


Our contract end date was is april, we still owe about $600. Td auto has turned account over to a collection agency even though we were stoll sending them money.

Are they gonna repo our vehicle? We haven't received anything in writing from them.


I have a vechile I purchased 2 months sho the pay off is 28 k .I can not attired the payments due to me loosing my job . How can this affect me if I voluntary take my car to there location.

If I were to get a job can they garnish my wages? I also have a co- signer,how will this affect him ?

to liz #1347533

Returning the car does not absolve you of the obligation to pay your car loan. You still owe it.

They themselves can't garnish your wages but they can start legal proceedings that can result in garnishment.


to AnonEmployee Receiving calls from an Investigator Taylor because they cant find my car, I want to keep my vehicle but got behind due to health issues no payments since December. Its going to be hard for me to catch up on payments of 500.00 a month I go on the website and it wont show me any info and Im afraiud to Western Union the money for fear they will still try to take the vehicle the ionvestigator left a message with my parents saying they are going to sue me if I dont contact them is this already with a third party collection agency or some more TD Auto Finance harrassing calls


I owe less than $1000 and my vehicle is about to be repossessed. After $29k I'm going to lose my vehicle for less than a grand. Gotta be kidding me!!!!!


I have experienced something similar I was told that I had to make a payment today or my car would be picked up which I did I rushed home to pick up the money and rushed to western union to send it to them quick collect this was on Friday , by Sunday Morning I had someone knocking on my door saying that they were taking my truck , I showed them the payment receipts and the gentlemen said that he received the order on Friday WTF !! I have been calling and calling and I was told that I would receive a call because they did not have anything documented in regards to my payment ...

are they being LAZY OR JUST *** AND GREEDY .. DON'T DEAL WITH THEM ...

to Rebecca Houston, Texas, United States #753076

They also didn't care I paid then and new owing and repo stealing funds from car


I work there so maybe I can help since I have some inside knowledge. You should believe what the representatives that you speak with tell you.

Many of those pre-repossesion letters are automatically generated once the account reaches a certain "state of delinquency". Also, the call system is automated, which is why you constantly get phone calls. Trust me, we hate it too. It can be a real pain in the ***.

What type of payment arrangements have you made with the reps? How much do you still owe on the vehicle (your payoff?). They are not going to repossess your car if you owe less than $3,000 and are only within 4months from the maturity date of the loan. It would actually cost them money to do that and they would take a hit on the vehicle.

They may threaten it but it's not going to happen. What would happen though is that they would charge off the vehicle.

So basically you would take a major credit hit, still owe the money and then they would probably send the debt off to some 3rd party collections agency. Let me know if you have any questions.

to AnonEmployee Bellevue, Washington, United States #834281

What happens after they send it to 3rd party collections..? Do they send multiple offers ..my balance was in the 5500.

Range and they offered me 60% off that brought it down to the 3200.

Range will they lower this anymore? Ty

to AnonEmployee Ayden, North Carolina, United States #1253592

Yes I have a quiston I will be two months behind the 15th of this month and I owe 31000 on a 2012 camaro but have talked to them to arrange payment. Will they take the car?

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