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I financed a car through TD and was told that if I paid each payment for the first 8 months I could go back to refinance at a lower interest rate. I was completely prepared to do this - having bad credit, this gave me the opportunity to re-establish my credit.

I was paying 19 percent interest and tried to refinance (like they said i could) and sign into a newer car at 0 %. At that time I was denied. They were not prepared at all to refinance my car at a lower interest rate. I decided that I did not want to continue paying for my car for 5 years at that high interest rate- they were constantly calling my employment and were extremely RUDE each time.

I would NOT recommend this company to anybody EVER!!!!! STAY AWAY!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $15000.

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Most likely you got lied from the dealership. It doesn't matter what the dealership said to you.

They will tell you anything to get you to buy their car with financing. Read the contact before signing anything because that is the REAL deal.

Don't let the dealer read the contact to you. You aren't being forced to sign anything, read it, understand the terms and conditions then sign.

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