My husband & I had fallen behind on 2 payments for my vehicle because he is self employed & had not worked in 2 months. He had a few jobs fall through that we were expecting to pay the bills.

We purchased the vehicle in 2007, do they honestly think that after 4 years of payments we would let the car go? We have been behind in the past, but we have always been in contact with Chrysler Financial & caught up all of the payments. I kept in COMPLETE contact with TD Auto Finance as well as them calling me all of the time I explained the situation to a few VERY RUDE reps. & told them that I would be able to make 2 payments by 10/31.

I even asked 1 of them to transfer me to a Supervisor & I spoke with him & told him the same arrangement. I called again 10/24, 1 wk before the arrangement was due to verify they understood that I would be making a payment by 10/31 & that would take care of the past due balance & current balance. On 10/24 the Rep. told me that everything was fine so I planned on taking care of it 10/31.

Much to my surprise 10/30 the day before the payment arrangement is due I am on the TD Auto Finance website making my payments (as promised) a Repo Man shows up @ my door! Telling me he is there to repossess my vehicle! I couldn't believe it! Of course it is a Sunday night @ 7:30 pm no one is @ TD Auto to take my call!

I was shocked! I did NOT receive a default letter, a phone call NOTHING! I told him I was making the payments @ that moment like I had arranged with the company & that the vehicle was not even there. He said oh yes it is I saw it in your garage (by the way my garage window is so high that you would actually need a ladder to see into it), I told him well that is impossible because my husband has the vehicle out of town where he is working!

He was walking around MY house when my husband is gone flashing a light into all of my windows for all of my neighbors to see. I was so embarrassed! I guess that he finally believed me & decided to be civil & discuss this with me. He told me that this has happened to NUMEROUS people in the same situation & it was not right that they have all of these arrangements with people and they do this!

He took my name & # & I did the same I told him that I would call him as soon as I spoke with TD Auto. I spoke with a very nice lady that morning & she said that this should not have happened she saw all of the arrangements on my acct! I gave her the transaction # for the payments & she told me that she would contact the Repo companies to stop the Repossession. I told the Rep.

on 10/31 that I would call this week to let them know when I could make the 11/11 payment. I called today I spoke with a very nice young lady & explained the situation that happened last week she was shocked & could not believe that someone had set up a repossession for my vehicle. She stated that she saw all of the phone calls as well as the arrangements. She was VERY apologetic & sympathetic to my situation.

I told her that I wanted to file a formal complaint against this company & she took all of the information. I told her that I would make the payment by 11/22 she documented this information & I took her name & ext. #. I could not believe that she had spoke with a Supervisor & they would not do anything to help me & just shrugged her off!

Most of the Reps. @ TD Auto Finance are so rude they will not even document your acct. until they bully you into making an arrangement that you cannot possibly keep. Is there anything that I can do about this whole situation?

If 2 Reps are just as shocked as I am about this there has to be something I can do! Has anyone had this happen or do you have any advice for this situation?

I cannot believe they can go this far with all of the communication that we have had with them! PLEASE HELP I DO NOT WANT THIS TO EVER HAPPEN AGAIN!

Monetary Loss: $10.

Location: Wood Dale, Illinois

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There’s numerous flaws in this story. First off, a bailiff would never say what he did to a customer.

He/she could lose their job over it. Secondly, for a repossession to take place, it’s handled by 3 different departments and numerous people plus it needs approval from management. Then a warrant must be drafted up manually with the days past due etc which must be over 90+ days and the rep must meet other criteria. I was actually the person in TDAF that did all of this back from 2015-2017 hence why I know all of this.

It’s ok to be mad and embarrassed but be truthful. Your loan must have been extremely past due with a long history of broken payment arrangements and you’re unable to make loan payments online as well. Lastly, if you made 4 years of payments, the repo wouldn’t have taken place. I’d say you were likely making payments (late) for just over a year and TD thought you were a risk.

Sorry, not lastly, you would have been well aware of the repo and you likely were if you hid your car in your garage. No one parks their cars in their garage anymore I no longer work for TD so I have no reason to defend them but this entire rant is riddled with either numerous massive misunderstandings or being untruthful.


This idiot works for TD Auto!!!!!


A car cannot be repossessed so easily when you've paid over 50% of the balance. They must honour payment arrangements.

If they don't, you have legal recourse. You own 50% of the vehicle, so if they sell it, you lose your 4 year investment and asset. You file a motion to get infront of a judge to make payment arrangements you can afford.

If you owe less than 25k small claims court is your best option. Don't delay


Also behind one month. No call, no letter. Just bent over


They have a company called Finstra that fricken takes your cars and sell them. They towed my car outside my work without not letting me know my belongings were in their even my wallet so I only know how i got home. You guys suck now no one picks up my calls.


Same thing with me me and my boyfriend had the car since 2016 but they towed my car from my work without contacting us evwn though someone from Toronto talked to me and I told them to set up payments so I will pay but instead he ignored me and they only have information to the person whose the 2nd person they talked to them but not us even when they had all our information. Great job td u guys suck now they won't pick up my calls... soo pissed.


Yes I have just had this same thing happened to me. I spoke to TD owe 2 mths told id pay on 3/20 (late as sick relative) they say ok Then on SUNDAY 3/18 @ 6am some guy drives up my long driveway with flashlight etc.

My German shepherd woke immediately & was flipping out. I hv also paid for 3 + yrs & i had a family member that was v I'll so i fell behind.

I don't even think I owe them $2k left. It's TOTALLY WRONG and they're TD BANK OBVIOUSLY STILL DOING IT !!!


You were late on payments. You caused a repo...PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

Why didn't your husband find a real job when he had no income coming in? You can use as many words as you wish but the bottom line is YOU signed a contract to make EACH and EVERY payment on time, every time. I'm sorry if you or any of the sorry habitual deadbeat whiners don't like that, but that's a FACT. This not any other lender cares about stories and excuses.

YOU agreed to make on time payments. YOU failed to make those payments.

THEY excercise X their rights under the contract YOU agreed to.

Now let's watch how the sorry habitual deadbeats don't have the brain power to come up with an intelligent rebuttal instead of the brainless "you must work for them" garbage.


Anonymous Moron! How can an idiot ask for an intelligent rebuttal?

People fall into situation which cause financial problems. Example: My Husband was killed on September 11, 2001 a Hero saving others! He was the bread winner and I the homemaker and caretaker to our children. For 2 months I could not make payments on the car.

Bank TD Auto Finance was fully aware of the situation and still prepossessed my car.

They are a disgusting bunch of heartless people....PERIOD!

TD Auto Finance dishonored and disrespect my Husband scarifies.




You are a total jerk. I owed $400 & have less than $2k left on loan I HAVE a GREAT JOB & had a minor short term problem with sick relative.

It's called "LIFE" and ANY gd banker should know it's better to wait a couple of days & get $ due vs CAUSING addl expenses taking car so quick. NOT smart plan


So now you’re calling people like me, a USMC Veteran who’s fallen on hard times due to circumstances that are far beyond our of my control and has only been out of work twice since I started working when I was legally able to and maintained all my bills to a current or more status deadbeats? First let me explain my situation before you draw any illogical and misguided conclusions.

I was discharged in 2007 under false pretenses, from the USMC. Busted my *** every damn after, just as I did before, to keep all my bills current. Due to the sad state of the economy in years past and not qualifying for ANY support from any organization, Veteran or Federal, I was not able and still aren’t able to get an education without putting myself in a juxtaposed situation hindering all progress and causing a great discourse within my family. I managed to move up in positions at companies that worked for very very rapidly due to my ability to comprehend simply tasks that most people, surprisingly are totally daft to.

Despite me being able to advance in said companies, the responsibilities got greater and the pay got smaller. By the age of 27 I should have been making a minimum of $47,000 due to my skill sets and knowledge but was being under paid and over worked, I was only netting $27,846 per fiscal year. In 2016 I was unfortunately, because of an almost completed suicide attempt, hospitalized for a week ( I was given a choice by the county and by the police, either go on my own accord and leave when I, I wanted to or be placed there for an indefinite amount of time) and in having to undergo said hospitalization I accumulated a total amount of $12,000 in hospital bills not covered by my insurance. At that point I was already in negative every month by -$327.93, before this unneeded expense got thrown into my life.

About 4 months after my release I realized the only thing to do was to declare Ch 7. Before I did Ch 7, my credit was at a 735 with a Fico of 697( it was a 715). In the proceedings of Bankruptcy I signed a contract of reaffirmation for the contract with the bank. Without my knowledge, the contract was either not sent to TD or TD refused to file it, but my vehicle was included in the debt that was wiped clean.

This all transpired in January of 2018. Later that month I was unemployed due to a misguided attempt in gaining a better salary at a new company that turned out to be nothing more than a dressed up pyramid scheme. After leaving said scheme, I was unemployed for the longest stretch I’ve ever been unemployed, 5 months. Only with the aid of my family and friends was I able to stay somewhat afloat, but my good nature was ill rewarded as a friend of mine that borrowed my vehicle ( the one that’s “under contract “ with TD) and subsequently left an illegal substance in my vehicle with me only to be pulled over and my vehicle searched and said substance found and I was jailed .

Thus making the job hunt even more difficult as my mobile would be hindered by the plea deal I was given. Yes I fell behind for 1 month and only one month during the 5 i was unemployed, but it was at great cost to my interpersonal relationships. I was and still and busting my *** off every damn day to better myself and move forward and upwards in gaining the life I want. Obviously you have been fortunate to have lived a life of luxury and opulent splendor to have not known what a hardship is.

Do you not realize that when one is self employed that , that in and if it’s self is at minimum a 1st 2nd and 3rd job( you know, having more than one job. I know I have to explain that concept to you because of your apt luxury way of life and aren’t used to such an inconceivable concept that one might to work more than one job, let alone a job at all. Also, what the *** do you consider a “real job”? Are you unaware that any job that *** pays $ to put food in your family’s mouth and pay the bills is A REAL job despite what society dictates, cause let’s face it you smug *** society is nothing more than a bunch of *** who haven’t the slightest idea as what they’re doing judging others for not living or doing things in the manner that they themselves ( again,NOT KNOWING WHAT THE *** THEY ARE DOING THEMSELVES!) .

So if that In your opinion makes people like me deadbeats, then so be it because I’d rather be a deadbeat in your eyes than as highly delusional and ill conceived as you are. Rethink the way in which society works and was built to see the real construct that holds people back or down.

It’s probably people like you. End


I can't wait til you fall on hard times and ask for advice from internet recipients. It happens to everyone. Humble yourself or don't comment at all.


That’s telling him!


I also wanted to add that integrity is being honest and having sound morals. I'm quite sure these people have both. Uneducated people like you posting garbage comments, need to be schooled on manners.


This witch works for this horse thief company!!!!


your a ***


these reps are super rude. I have told them the same thing and they were suppose to put it on my account but again I get a call saying it's in repo and he then over talked me I have talked to some pretty rude people on the phone with td auto as well in almost 4 years of never being late I get this.


Unbelievable !!!! Is this organized crime syndicate owned company ???


How has this company not been held accountable or a judgement for the consumer .... if any success stories ....

please let me know .....

all I can say is WOW !!!! I cannot believe this goes on but I know of it firsthand ((((((

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