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  • Customers like
    • Having a car 7
    • While i was a customer they seemed to be good 3
    • When i finally reached a resolution manager 1
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    • Customer service 6
    • Poor customer service 6
    • Very long hold times on phone 6

TD auto finance make claims that payments were missed when they were made. When you call and hold while listening to the same bloody Kenny G song over and over, you get to conveniently wait for an hour just so you can have your call dropped and have to go through the same process again 3x. Livid is an understatement to describe my feelings. Add comment

I bought a 2013 Nissan Altima in 2012. I made payments for 36 months and went through a divorce, emailed several times. When they would respond it was to call them and yes I lost my cell service, after 3 late payments they took the car, with no repo letter. I tried to refinance through then and they told me they are not refinancing at this time. They have had my car for over a month, and my credit report still shows open auto loan and late, so I... Read more

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i bought a truck in 2013 and consistently made my payments i ran in to difficulty a couple of times but i always caught up and carried on.The interest rate is sky high as i had no credit as i am new to the country,so in the final year i had a major financial set back and yes i take responsibility however i emailed td auto and asked them to call me,they did and i returned the call to voice-mail no further contact from them not surprised they... Read more

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Customer service representatives don't answer phones. On hold for over an hour, complete negligence. Violates the consumer protection act by not servicing customer requests for contact. Add comment

70.5 minutes and counting on hold. Can't get anyone to answer. The fact that most reviews are negative (1.3 stars!) confirms my suspicion that the customer support is insufficient at best. Add comment

WORST COMPANY EVER! Been on hold and called back and forth literally all day from 0800 to now and it's 1630 and nothing is resolved yet! 8 months ago they said they didn't get the payment for the vehicle so we showed them the bank statements, emails were sent back and forth and we got the issue resolved and got a confirmation email. Now last night the vehicle got repoed. They are saying that I'm late and the issue from 8 months ago was never... Read more

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Worst finance company ever I been waiting on a endorse check and every time we call is the Same thing been paying my car for 6 months and I can't use it because it in the shop but as soon it was fix they seem not to and me my endorse check but they sure are ready to call me when my payment is due !!!!! Never again will I ever use this finance company Add comment

It seems like when you start to have issues with this company, they make up their own rules and totally change what was agreed to. I had gotten a bit behind on payment and was going to make a lump sum payment to get things straightened out but was supposed to include the month that it was made in. Tried to delay the payment a few more days as I waited for a paycheque only to find out they had grabbed at the money early and then tell me I also... Read more

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i really hate td auto finance those *** r so fucky greedy i mail off some money to keep lower my car payments they act like they receive it i talk to 1 black woman she had a nasty attitude then i call again they ignore my calls for a min then i call in today this old damm *** white man he was so *** rude i wish they will die an there fams an kids an new born babies just *** suffer an die let them c how it is to suffer an loose stuff u work hard... Read more

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When i traded in my truck they were rude and even hung up on me because i complained. 2 weeks after it was paid off they tried to take another payment and then again 2 days later. Add comment

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