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    • Having a car 5
    • When i finally reached a resolution manager 1
    • While i was a customer they seemed to be good 1
  • Customers don't like
    • Very long hold times on phone 6
    • Customer service 5
    • Poor customer service 3

They have horrible customer service, their hold time is ridiculous and they will *** every way possible! Add comment

Had very poor customer service a few times with TD auto i am behind a couple of payments and working with them with a payment plan but every once in awhile i get one agent that just wants to argue and not listen its very agrovating. Add comment

1 hour and 20 mins and still no answer.... sort you *** out... this is unacceptable Add comment

Our company has an auto loan with TD Auto Finance. The loan is under a business name. We can pay our bills with a business check, and make one-time payments with ACH with a business checking account, but they will not allow auto-payments from a business checking account. They will only allow auto-payments from a personal checking account. Customer Service could give me no reason to why this... Read more

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They don't know the meaning of "customer service"! Add comment

Over 60 minutes and counting on hold just to switch my banking information. Was quoted a 30 minute wait time which is the shortest I was quoted all day. 6 tries today. Ridiculous. If an applicant were provided an online account or were even capable of switching this over in a TD branch perhaps they could provide acceptable levels of customer service. Add comment

Before my husband passed away I thought I was being proactive and asked them what they would need so that I could continue making payments on the vehicles when he did pass. I was told to go to TD bank and send Power of Attorney, along with copies of our licenses, and notarial certificates, DONE then they said they did not receive them, I took copies and resent. Then when husband passed I... Read more

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I was behind on payments I made arrangements for payment to some guy who assured me I had until Friday afternoon. I had the money and would have paid but the crappy repo guy Derek from Boise Idaho came and got my vehicle at 7 am Friday morning. Now they want 2200.00 to get it out. TD auto finance are liars crooks and cheats! Add comment

While on hold with td for the 4th time this week I made a post #778154 While on hold I was suddenly disconnected. Now have to call back and wait another 2 hrs on the phone. Cmon td. Get your heads out of your a$$es and get some better customer service. Add comment

Horrible wait times on the phone. If they have so many people calling about issues then they should hire more employees or if there's that many problems get out of the business! Will never deal with td in any way again Add comment

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